Simple (And Free) Ad Blocking Technique For Multiple Browsers

/ 20 August 2008

This morning I stumbled upon a quite useable method of blocking ads in multiple web browsers without paying a cent or installing any InputManagers. The method involves downloading a user style sheet to eradicate the frames that most ads are inside. You then either place this style sheet in a certain folder or set it in the browser’s preferences in order to activate it. The site linked from above has all the peckish details and the downloadable style sheet. With my few-hour usage of this ad blocking technique so far, it seems like a working method for the ads on Facebook, etc. It isn’t perfect, one downfall is that all Flash-based ads still show up in Webkit-based browsers (Safari), but nonetheless is a step forward from seeing all the annoying (and slow-to-load) ads on so many websites. Enjoy, Alex.