Prefpane To Modify Hidden OS X Preferences

/ 11 August 2008

In the same Google search that led me to the hint that I just posted, I also found a link to a 3rd-Party System Preference Pane named Secrets. This prefpane has probably over 100 hidden preferences to flip in both OS X, Apple apps, and other 3rd-Party apps. It also looks like you can submit your own “secrets” if you’d like. It organizes the secrets by categories named the same as the app (+ Top Secrets, All Secrets, New Secrets, and System). Just after installing the app I must’ve modified a whole bunch of preferences in OS X that I never knew existed (or knew existed but didn’t know how to modify). For those that are itching to modify their Mac experience beyond the Apple-specified limits, this free utility prefpane is certainly something to take a look at. Enjoy, Alex.