iPhone/ iPod Touch Crash Logs Synced

/ 26 July 2008

I was just syncing my iPod Touch for it’s weekly sync (though in truth I sync it way more often than that) and at the same time my MacBook’s Airport had a little storm. I went to the Console to see the log entries relating to it, and was shocked to also see a log entry referring to the syncing of a crash log from the iPod to my Log folder in my user library. That led me to discover a MobileDevice folder inside the main CrashReporter log folder within my user account’s log folder (and therefore main source in the Console sidebar). Inside that MobileDevice folder is a folder named after the user-specified name for my iPod Touch (in this case Alexander Celeste’s iPod). That folder contains the same kinds of crash logs as the root CrashReporter folder does, but (of course) they’re of apps such as Maps, MobileMail, AppStore, MobileSafari, etc. and were written on my iPod, then synced to my Mac as the iPod synced in iTunes. I also found a Panics subfolder that contains the panic logs from the many times my iPod Touch has crashed on me (I assumed that those were kernel panics, but couldn’t be sure until now). Ironically, my iPod has now panicked more with iPhone OS v2.0 than my MacBook has ever panicked. I just thought that this little tidbit of information may be useful to someone in the future. Otherwise, it may be fun for a select few of you just to read the logs as a pastime. Enjoy, Alex.