MacBook Repairs

/ 4 July 2008

I know that I’ve mentioned my MB’s lagging Airport dropout issues in the past, but never extensively blogged about them. It was that issue, added on top with a sound-based issue and a small crack in the topcase of the MB that led Eric and I to take the machine to the Rosedale Apple Store Weds. evening. I’d already clean-installed the OS, so I was pretty sure that the problems weren’t software.

The single second that the genius saw the crack she said that they’d replace the topcase. And due to my extensive (excessive as Eric might call it) logging of both the sound and the airport problems it was pretty clear that a hardware failure was the key culprit for those issues. It took her just a few minutes to explain that they’d replace the Airport Card (for the airport dropouts), the logic board (for both issues) and the topcase for the defect-based crack. She pointed out that the repairs should be completed by next-Wednseday (July 9th), but if the repair goes anything like what Mary’s MBP got, then it has a good chance of being done before school begins again on Tuesday. I’ve been closely tracking the repair online and they say that the repair status is “Repair in Progress”, so it hopefully will be done by the end of the weekend (they’re also working today). I do have my mom’s old PowerBook G4 (10.5-based) to use in the meantime.

The problems with the PowerBook G4 and school are the lack of battery life, the weight, the keyboard (keys rubbing off and the “closeness” that the MB keyboard doesn’t have), and other little things. I would be able to use it for school (if I had to), but as it would need to be tethered to a power outlet that would make it more annoying. Hopefully I’ll end up with my MB before Monday evening, and regardless of that hopefully the repairs will have fixed the problems (that would make me feel like Leopard is a more stable OS as well as the issues not annoying me anymore). Enjoy, Alex.