Vision In My Left Eye!?!?

/ 22 June 2008

Because of the stroke I had at birth, I’ve been told (and have always believed) that my left eye has no vision abilities because of nerve damage. Two Friday’s ago I saw the neurologist, she wasn’t there (some kind of emergency), so I saw an intern/ student (along with her normal nurse) instead. In her official report about the visit that came in the mail yesterday she mistakenly(?) said that I have limited vision in my left eye. That triggered Eric and I to do a quick test at the dinner table yesterday. He covered my right eye with a towel (or something) and waved his hand with the free arm. To both of our astonishment I could sense (see) the motion with my left eye alone. Later that day we did further tests while video chatting with Mary (whose on a work-related trip). In those tests, I could not only see the motion, but also the colors of what she was doing. During some of the tests I honestly believed that I was involuntarily cheating, that makes sense if I’ve had this limited vision for my left eye for the past 16 years without knowing it then it’d become a part of my vision, so I’d consider it my right eye’s sight, when amazingly enough it’s my left eye’s sight. That was the most amazing revelation that I’ve come across in the past few weeks (maybe months). It’s been 16 years and 2 months that we’ve essentially thought that my left eye had no vision abilities, and now (well, yesterday, actually) we found out that it in fact can see well enough to sense motion and color (two basic elements of human vision). Enjoy, Alex.