WWDC ’08: App Store & Snow Leopard

/ 12 June 2008

There have been a few new pieces of news related to both the App Store (and recursively the 2.0 Firmware), as well as Snow Leopard.

The news in connection to the App Store is a launch date of June 27th, not July 11th. This has been hinted at by ARS Technica, but their source is Apple itself, on their Australian iPod Touch page. It has since been removed from the iPod Touch page, but there’s still the chance that the 27th is the release date. One way or the other, Apple would not release the firmware and launch the store earlier in other countries than in the United States.

Also, TUAW has referenced the system requirements for the developer beta of Mac OS X 10.6 in saying that the OS will be Intel-only, dropping the PPC architecture entirely. It will not, however, be 64-bit-only (note: all Intel Core 2 Duos are 64-bit, but not all Intel Core Duos).

Again, more news stemming from WWDC will make it’s way onto my blog as I learn of it (and have time to post it here). Enjoy, Alex.