WWDC ’08 Keynote: Relevant Software Updates/ Upgrades

/ 9 June 2008

In relation to the announced products/ services, the following Software Updates/ Upgrades are now available or have been promised:

iTunes v7.7 seems to be coming soon because the iPhone 3G specifications require it. This update will probably be required before the iPhone/ iPod Touch v2.0 update/ upgrade and needs to be released before July 11th. It may come out this Thursday alongside 10.5.4.

Along with any significant iTunes update naturally comes a restart-required QuickTime update, this time to v7.5. It is now released (without the iTunes update?), requires a restart, and won’t be installed by me until at least the weekend.

Other than those, no Software Updates are yet released for OS X that stem from this WWDC ‘08 Keynote.

Enjoy, Alex.