WWDC ’08 Keynote: My Reflections

/ 9 June 2008

Here’s my semi-extensive reflections on the announcements from this year’s WWDC Keynote Event.

The iPhone 3G really doesn’t affect me in the slightest. Yes, my mom may get an iPhone sooner rather than later, but it really makes no difference to me. In the long run, the price drop is nice, but I really don’t need an iPhone, so I simply won’t care much about this WWDC ‘08 announcement.

The iPod OS v2.0 Upgrade is, by far, the best part of WWDC ‘08 for me. This is, of course, because I own an iPod Touch and am looking forward to this upgrade being made available to me. The fact that it is just $9.95 is useful, that makes the payment for it quite affordable to me. I’m looking forward to the many iPod OS Applications I plan to purchase and install on the iPod Touch once the App Store is up and running. But, the simple advancement of the features of the OS are also quite appreciated by me. Namely the Scientific Calculator, the Mail improvements, and the search ability of the Contacts App.

Mobile Me is not a service I need or want, so it makes no difference to me. It is nice that it has been extended for iPod OS and Windows support, just for the sake of the service and Apple in general.

Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, based on the currently known information is not appealing at all. I like it that way, but it is a long ways off, so I have a lot of time to change my mind.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my 3-entry same-day WWDC ‘08 Keynote Event coverage, and enjoy your evening. More news from this will flood through my blog the second I learn it. Enjoy, Alex.