A Bunch Of Poems From School

/ 5 June 2008

Over the past two weeks of school I’ve had a class where the main (and only) thing that we’ve done is write poetry. Some where based on certain fortmats, some weren’t. I’ve included all of those poems that I wrote in the extended body of this blog post. Be warned, some of the poems will probably strike you as fairly sad and maybe even depressing. Please feel free to leave your comments on the poems in the comments for this blog post. Enjoy, Alex.

Here is a set of 26 tongue twisters that I wrote:

A-Z Twisters Adorned adulteress walked along the ancient atrium. Big buttresses have bigger beams. Complex computers are complicated and concentrated. Drenched dragon watched the dips of the daggers Extravagant electric electrician entered the electric exhibition. Fleeger Fletcher fried the french bread. Glastonbury Greeger grabbed the group of old guns. Historically healthy Heathrow hideouts are historically filthy. Inlet Islands are international entities. Jack Johnson judged the Jacksons. Kleenex Kate kept the keepers. Lina Lene Lindsow took the last lime. Mickey Mo matured the minstrel monkeys. Native nations read the national nature. Opera openers are optionally oppressed. Present parrots are performing the prance. Queen Quita quested the quarreling quarter. Robotic rotating rotors rotated along the rotation reel. Soaked slimy soldiers slithered to safety. Teepee Tom trudged the treasure to the trenches. Undermined understanding unwrapped the untied unicorn. Visroy Viki ventured into the venus vue. Wheeler Witigew watched as the winds roared. Xerox Xen X-rayed the extra xeon. Yodeling Yose yodeled yonder yesterday. Zookeeper Zane zig-zagged the zany zone.

The next two poems are based on poems “Poem” and “This is just to say” by William Carlos Williams:

The Boxed Kid As the kid Climbed under The center of The box First the left Foot Clumsily Then the right Stepped up Into the inside Of the Box
This is just to say I have taken The cards That were on The couch And which You were probably saving For your job Forgive me They were there So lonely And so bare

This next one was based on the poem “Valentine” by Carol Ann Duffy:

The Gift Not a black sash or a blue basket I give you a box It is a good and solid box It promises wisdom Like the understanding of a library Here, It will bind you to this land Like a true god It will make you be worshipped Like those you worship I am trying to be helpful Not a helpless servant or annoying child I give you a box Its helpful rays inside will assist you Helpful and guiding As we are, For as long as we are Take it. Its mine and I need it not If you like. Assistive. It’s teachings will cling to your body Cling to your mind

This one was based on the poem “maggie and milly and mollly and may” by “E.E. Cummings:

Farming and fishing and learning and all Farming and fishing and learning and all Are key parts of us (as long as we know) As farming gives us food that we eat So helpful that the rest need it to even occur Fishing keeps the waters at bay And provides us with even more food As learning prepares us for our long lives It provides the base for our future All this compiled together makes us Who we are and who we want to be For whatever we were then (and most don’t know) We have built the framework for change now

This next poem was based on “Night Funeral In Harlem” by Langston Huges and is fairly sad:

And then the Soldiers came It was a dark night And actually quite a fright The bombs rained down And the crowds round... And then the Soldiers came Along the walk They came to talk And killed as they please Never stopping to say cheese And then the Soldiers came Indicating kids They took away our bids We were considering... How to escape the killing And then the Soldiers came Yapping away the parents were As they saw their kids lie dying And the soldiers walked aware Laughing and denying And then the Soldiers came The aftermath was sad Crying and dying The families all mad And uprising made for planning And then the Soldiers came

These final two poems were written purely out of my own design and topic (all were my own topics, just the design/ format of the poems were based on the mentioned poem by the mentioned poet):

A Seafood Meal The fish had a wish To become a dish It was cooked to a crisp And eaten with the whisk In our cooking We had a smoking And went to the shore To get some more Our friends all came To see the game And ate up that dish That the fish wished to be We all had fun As we loaded up the gun To get some food That ran instead of swam
Overwhelming Joy There is overwhelming joy In this unsuspecting boy He toppled a stone wall With just a measly ball His parents were quite upset As he burnt the bussing movie set This kid cannot live Was a friends final words As he was forced under a truck That flattened him outright It was a dreary bath That in this kid drew his final breath His teacher was quite glad As at least she could clad Her students in clothes again As she had them in armor a day earlier