FINAL Intersession Break At An End

/ 26 May 2008

Well, today is the very final day of this third intersession. Therefore it is also the very final day of any intersession that I’ll ever be part of in my life. That’s because this is my final year/ quarter of being at Crosswinds. Looking back on all that I managed to do during this intersession I can truthfully say that I accomplished some of the tasks on my To Do list, but not all of them and in fact accomplished some tasks that were not originally on my To Do list from before the break began.

When it comes to work around the house, Eric and I finally put up shelves in Eric’s office space. That included ordering the needed hardware, going to Menards to buy the wood, cutting/ sanding/ sealing the wood, and finally putting up the shelves once the hardware arrived (the shelves hang onto the wall). Eric and I also got various other miscellaneous tasks done like putting things up on walls, and that sort of thing.

After Nathaniel was done at Harambee’s Bridges program the 3 of us finally (nearly) completed building Nathaniel’s clubhouse room in our basement. This accomplishment involved clearing out all the boxes that were stored on the wood floor there (some of which was done when Eric was able to empty the boxes onto the newly made shelves). We ended up clearing away most of the empty boxes in another part of our basement to be able to put the full ones from the clubhouse area there. We then had to clean up the mess that was there (Nathaniel actually found Eric’s old, and lost for years, iPod Photo in one of the boxes). After a full day of work we had a temporary screen (bed sheet) in place and the old(er)/ Mary’s work projector hanging in a milk crate and the Wii/ DVD Player attached to it and we were able to consider the whole thing as close to done as it would get during the intersession.

One of the boxes we were getting rid of (recycling, actually) after doing the basement clubhouse stuff had an old G3 iMac (running Mac OS X 10.2.8) in it. Eric and I spent all of last Saturday morning trying various methods (and finally succeeding) of erasing the sensitive data off of it. One reason why we had stopped using it those many many years ago was because it’s screen had started to produce a severely warped image, somehow in part of what we did (accidentally booting Mac OS 9.2.2, when meaning to boot it to the Mac OS X 10.4.3 Install Disc) we managed to get the screen working again, just with a greenish tint to it. That was quite a fun thing to get the chance to do.

When it comes to the stuff I did with my own MacBook and websites, I did upgrade this blog to WordPress v2.5.1, but did not (obviously) get the chance to redo the CSS of all my websites. I also (though some of you will think that the following statistics are boring) installed 6 Address Book plugins, 5 SIMBL plugins, 1 Audio plugin component, 26 Automator Actions, 9 Contextual Menu Items, 1 Framework, 11 Quartz Composer Patches, 2 Quartz Composer Plugins, 1 Internet Plugin, 1 PreferencePane, 8 QuickLook Generators, 3 QuickTime Components, 4 Services, and 8 Spotlight Metadata Importers (thats 86 plugins in all) onto my MacBook over the course of the 24 day intersession break. I know that was boring for most of you (and quite “mouthful” for me to type), but it is the truth and it’s nice for me to have that kind of record online.

Overall I’ve had a great and productive intersession break this May of 2008. Enjoy, Alex.