/ 12 May 2008

Though I’ve had this for a while (and have been meaning to blog about it) I have not yet blogged about it. Evernote is an online note-taking/ note-keeping tool. It’s currently in beta, but is public, so anyone can register. It’s main purpose is to give you one centralized place to keep public or private notes that you can access from anywhere. It stores it’s notes in your online account, but has Mac and Windows desktop applications that sync to it to give you an easier way to add/ edit notes. They’ve also developed an iPhone (and iPod Touch, so Mobile Safari)-specific version of it to let you add/ edit your notebooks that way. One very useful aspect of Evernote is that it performs OCR sensing on it’s servers, so you can add any image to a note and sync it, in the next 5 minutes or so it will sync back down with metadata to know what words are in the image. The Mac desktop app has Spotlight integration and so makes fully online (but locally stored by the syncing) notes Spotlight-able. The Mac app also has a clipper that is based on global keyboard shortcuts and optionally a menu app (not menu extra). Overall I have found uses for it in putting our Throwing Tomatoes scripts there, and adding any other useful notes that may be needed in more places than just my MacBook to it. I think that for some of you who read my blog it may be an interesting tool to try out and possibly get accustomed to using. Enjoy, Alex.