Java Update 1 Released

/ 29 April 2008

Apple just released a Java update to Mac OS X 10.5.x. There isn’t much to say about the update because Apple keeps the release notes so short. The update does not require a restart and therefore is fairly safe to simply install right away (that’s what I’m doing as I type). Enjoy, Alex.

Update 1: Though you’ll be installing the Java Update like any other OS X Software Update, the newer version of Java will not be enabled. To enable the newer version of Java use the Java Preferences application in /Applications/Utilities/Java. Also, the Knowledge Base article on the update says:

This release is only for Mac OS X v10.5.2 and later, and should not be installed on earlier versions of Mac OS X. This release is for 64-bit Intel-based Macs only and cannot run on PowerPC-based or 32-bit Intel-based Macs.

So, I won’t even ever enable the newer version of Java unless I really have to, but at least know that it is there.

Update 2: All macs that have an Intel Core 2 Duo processor are 64-bit. No Power-PC or Intel Core Duo macs are 64-bit, those are 32-bit and can’t run this version of Java.