Notes On My Birthday Gifts

/ 3 April 2008

As my birthday has come to pass so has the unwrapping of birthday gifts. This blog post will contain the full list of those gifts. I’ll go in order of unwrapping (as best as my memory will allow). I first opened all the cards from extended family. That totaled to $117.00. Then I opened up a battery recharger, that made no sense! The next gift I opened was Final Cut Express 4.0. Okay, that made sense, it is a good tool to use for the YouTube videos Erin and I have been making. I then unwrapped a Flip Video Camcorder. That’s quite useful for the YouTube filing and virtually everything else any of us want to film. It also takes AA batteries, explaining the battery charger. The last gift that I unwrapped was a 32 GB iPod Touch. That is a really nice gift. I’ve actually been wanting an iPod Touch for quite a while now. I spent that evening syncing all my music to it and the next day (after school) setting up all the other functions (email, weather, etc.). In terms of the email, if any of you who know my email address send a message with a subject that begins with “iPod-“ that message gets forwarded to my iPod Touch and bypasses my regular email. Anyway, those are the gifts that I got for my birthday. Enjoy, Alex.