Each Song Has It’s Own Personal Story For Each Individual

/ 31 March 2008

Have you ever listened to a song in one situation and years later you hear the same song and think back to that situation? That question is the premise for this blog post. The basic idea behind this can most easily be told with a few examples of my own personal experience with this complex idea of mine. I’ll go in oldest example to newest examples for this idea. My first example is with the annoying theme music for Mario video games, that music was first heard (in memorable times) by me when Nathaniel was playing some Mario game at the hospital when I had my foot surgery. Nathaniel got himself hooked to Mario video games and played them for most of the rest of that summer. So, that music was something that I heard during most of the rest of my recovery process. So, these days whenever I hear that music one of the first thoughts to pass across the front of my mind is the surgery I had that summer in 2004. My second example is much closer to the present and is a certain album of music (“Best Of Mozart” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) that I first heard when entering the basement homeschool classroom in Vienna. Now, whenever I listen to that music the time spent in the classroom for homeschool and all other aspects of living in Vienna for those 6 months are the happy thoughts that pass through my mind. Those are my two examples that should give you the bulk of what idea I’m trying to pass along to all of you about how any song (or set of songs) ends up imprinting a memory into our minds so that we always think of that memory when we hear that music. It is now my challenge to you (if you want to take it up) to post in the comments of this blog post 1 or more of your own examples of this deep aspect of human life and thought. Enjoy, Alex.