Useful German Dictionary Plugins

/ 28 March 2008

A week ago (or so) Mary emailed Eric and I a link to two useful German Dictionary Plugins. It wasn’t until Eric blogged them that I decided to download and install these two plugins. These plugins are a 247 MB install (as of the versions that I installed) and are as simple as running a .pkg bundle to install. Though I haven’t yet used either of the two dictionaries as real references I have found myself spending way too much time messing around with them for the fun of it! Once installed, the two dictionaries show up in the dictionary bar in the Dictionary application of OS X. If you search for a word in one of them, the other will immediately respond with results but none of the Webster pre-installed ones will and vise-versa. These dictionaries also become readable for Spotlight searches and the Dictionary Panel (ctrl-D when a word is selected for me, but the defaults may be different). So, if you think you’ll have any need for the German language in writing on your 10.5-based Mac (or just want to mess around with the language) it is my suggestion that you install these two plugins. Enjoy, Alex.