Usefulness Of The Calendar Store

/ 21 March 2008

I’ve had 10.5 installed since the day it was released, but only last weekend did I start using the To Do functionality of the Calendar Store. Before that I’d been using Stickies in 10.4 and Mail Notes in 10.5 for that task. Making such a leap over into using the To Do functionality is quite nice (now that I’ve done it) because the same To Do list appears in both iCal, Mail, and any and all other To Do list Calendar Store-based applications/ widgets. Using the functionality also lets me assign due dates, priorities, and calendar-based organization in a way I couldn’t before. This makes it hard for me to believe that I ever had been using anything else (especially in Leopard) to make a All-In-One To Do list on my MacBook of any tasks (on the computer or not) that I need to do. It also seems like anyone who isn’t using the Calendar Store for their To Do list is missing out on some useful features and functionalities. Enjoy, Alex.