Airport Utility 5.3.1 Released

/ 11 March 2008

This evening Apple sent out Airport Utility 5.3.1. This is a 10.4/10.5 update that simply updates 3 applications that are part of the Apple Airport Base Station software. This update updates the following applications: Airport Utility to v5.3.1, Airport Disk Utility (10.4 only?), and Airport Base Station Agent to v1.5. This update should not and does not fix the airport dropout issues of 10.5.2.

If you have a Mac Pro also note that Apple released a small Graphics Card Firmware Update that enhances the stability of the ATI Radeon cards.

If you have a MacBook Air also note that Apple released a small SMC Firmware Update that is said to fix issues where the fan runs constantly. Enjoy, Alex.

UPDATE: In the combination of this Airport Utility update as well as the new base station firmware released along with it, Apple has silently added back the ability to use your AirDisks (AEBS Hard Disks) with Time Machine!