Second Intersession Break At An End

/ 1 March 2008

Well, on Monday the third quarter of school will be starting. Therefore, as it is simply the weekend, the break has ended. Overall I managed to accomplish at least a few useful tasks during the 3 weeks of staying at home. Those mostly consisted of Mac-related stuff and internet-related stuff.

On the Mac side of things I installed the whole slew of Software Updates from Apple. This included (among other updates) 10.5.2 and the keyboard firmware update (which did not fix the issue I had been seeing). These updates brought around some decent fixes (menubar, Time Machine menu, etc.), but also some bugs (visible Airport dropouts, slow Time Machine, etc.). Overall the updates were useful and productive, but did put me (and to some extent still put me) on edge. Over the course of the break I got myself, for lack of a better word, addicted to, mainly to see the log entries relating to the 10.5.2 airport dropouts, but also to simply see all the other items that get logged daily (obsolete X509Anchors, etc.). This addiction annoys me now, and I almost wish that the app didn’t exist.

On the internet side of things I spent all too much time perusing the Apple Discussions to assist anyone that I could. This took up hours of the days and I’ve gotten somewhat annoyed about it by today. I also took it upon myself and started up a new blog at to house a place for assignment listings once weekly for the 10th grade house at Crosswinds. This blog is called Aquarius Alerts, named after the house name, and once checked off by the teachers will include weekly (on Friday afternoon/ evening) a listing of the assignments that Aquarius students have to complete. About halfway through the break I was looking over the source code to my AlexPersonalProject application and noticed a few severe-ish bugs in it. So, a day later I silently released v1.0.1 of the application deploying it through Sparkle.

All in all, the February Intersession Break was good, and frankly I’m looking forward to the 3rd Quarter starting up on Monday (despite a whole new course schedule). Enjoy, Alex.