Rest Of Family Now Blogging

/ 29 February 2008

In this past week Eric has started to blog again after he moved his blog to our own web space (from the UofM). His blog is called Life Is A Mystery and he’s started posting on a slew of topics, but mostly politics-related. Before this week his last entries were written in September of 2006.

Just today Nathaniel seems to have written an entry in his blog, Bit by Austria, that outlines him starting to blog mainly on the topic of video games. This is his first entry since July of 2007 and I hope that it isn’t the last for another long break.

With these two blogs seemingly making a new start in their lives each of the 4 of us now have blogs. There’s mine (what you’re reading :) ), Mary’s, and the two mentioned above. Note that links to these other 3 family blogs are in the sidebar here for future reference. Enjoy, Alex.