A Year Since…

/ 20 February 2008

It was a year ago last Friday that we arrived in Wien for our 6-month stay there. I would’ve blogged on the topic then if I had thought about it, but, as you can tell, I didn’t think about it until today.

A year ago the two blog posts closest to today were about the journey to Ossteriech, and me apologizing for not blogging as much recently. I didn’t actually write a blog post on exactly today last year.

WOW, those first 6 months of 2007 that we spent in Ossteriech definitely felt like a larger portion of 2007 then the final 6 months (1.25 before, 5.75 after) that we spent here in the United States. That’s not a bad comment against the trip, but rather just a fact that is good to know. The pure reason for that involves us being much more comfortable here then we ever will be there. I genuinely enjoyed that first half of 2007 and looking back on it think and know that it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that can’t, and never will, be matched up with another experience like that in my life.

After half a year (well, almost half a year) I still hold true to what I wrote on the airplane on the way back from Wein. Feel free to read those entries. Just click the next entry link (that is named with the entry’s title to read more of them, I linked to the first). These entries are still relevant in thoughts, but in reality it is slightly a different story today then was on August 9th, 2007.

So, this entry rightfully marks the 1 year since of us arriving in Ossteriech. Those 6 months are 6 months over, but will never leave the tips of our minds and center point of our family relationships amongst the 4 of us (as we spent all our time together in Wien). Don’t forget that you can always read the journal entries I wrote during those 6 months by simply looking at the posts under that category. Enjoy, Alex.