MacBook/ MacBook Pro Keyboard Update v1.0

/ 19 February 2008

This evening Apple released version 1.0 of the MacBook/ MacBook Pro Keyboard Firmware Update. This update can be downloaded through Software Update, but like the EFI update is contained in a second application that runs when Software Update quits. This update requires Mac OS X 10.5.2 and is said to fix the issue where after a MacBook or MacBook Pro is idle the first keyboard key pressed isn’t registered (I’ve even seen this). This (like 10.5.2) is not the kind of update that you should just take (because it’s a kind of firmware), but of course you can install the update application to be run later on. Note, if you do this (which I’m doing), that Software Update will show the update (and be able to install it) even after the application has been fully installed. I don’t yet know if this changes after the update is actually performed, but will get back to you on that in a few days once I’ve done the update. When installing the firmware update it is very important that you follow the instructions that the update application presents you so as to not immobilize your built-in keyboard. Enjoy, Alex.