Shadowing At Avalon

/ 14 February 2008

I’ve just spent all of today shadowing a student at Avalon. The day went quite well, with me primarily just observing. The first 30 minutes of the day was Advisory, which is exactly the same as Homeroom is at Crosswinds. Then I ended up in a Geometry class which was an hour of the day. During that time I primarily observed the way the class was structured. But, as it turned out that they are at about the same place in the coursework as I am at Crosswinds I actually decided to try some of the problems. After the Geometry class the student I was shadowing showed me their web browser-based project foundry, which is where you track your projects and hours spent. In that time I practiced how to fill out the application for a new project by using my Personal Project as a base. After that was lunch time. When lunch was over I spent the rest of the afternoon observing the advisory, reading, and spent some time brainstorming in my head the logistics of a weblog-based website for all the assignments in Aquarius House at Crosswinds (this is a project that my teachers think may be a useful resource for students, and I know how to get it started). Overall I think that I may do well at Avalon these next two years if I get accepted. Enjoy, Alex.