Mac OS X 10.5.2 Released

/ 11 February 2008

Earlier this afternoon Apple sent out Mac OS X 10.5.2. This update is 341 MB and has a ton of changes wrapped in it. In quick review, Mail, Finder, iChat, Airport, and Time Machine are at the front of the list of updated portions of the OS. Also, those who’ve been hating the “transparent” menubar will enjoy this update.

Looking deeper reveals this list of changes: Active Directory, Airport, Back to my Mac, Dashboard, Dock (numerous Stacks updates), Desktop (menubar transparency checkbox and overall transparency setting), iCal, iChat, iSync, Finder (crash in column view, crash in get info), Mail, Networking, Parental Controls, Preview, Printing, RAW, Safari, Login and Setup Assistant, System (accuracy of grammer checker and shut down issues), and Time Machine (adds menu extra, and more external hard drive support).

All in all this is that update that should put Mac OS X back on track as a reliable and functional operating system (like all the 10.x.2 updates do). As with most updates this one requires a restart, so I simply downloaded it and will install it in 1-to-7 days (I want to wait for problem reports to surface, but simply can’t wait to have some of these changes). I sugest that you all wait to install it for a while, but you can download it. Also, after you reboot into 10.5.2 you’ll need to go right back to Software Update and install the Graphics Update (which requires a restart as well). Enjoy, Alex.