Backup Setup Redone!

/ 8 February 2008

I’ve spent this whole morning since I posted that last blog post completely redoing and reorganizing the way I perform backups. I transfered all the non-backup material from the external hard disk on my desk to a more mobile external hard disk. I then reformatted the external hard disk on my desk so an Intel mac could boot from it (GUID Partition Table), and named it “Backup Gamgee” (Gamgee is my computer’s name). I then started the 2.5 hour-long SuperDuper! backup to (finally :) ) create a fully bootable backup. I’ve been waiting ever since October 27th, 2007 (the day after 10.5 was installed on my MacBook and the first day I used Time Machine) to be able to create a fully bootable backup, and now I can, and have!! After that backup completed I started Time Machine pointed to that same volume and stripped it back to just backup the 40 GB of user home directories, libraries, and extra applications. At this time I have the convenience of the easy single-file restoration as well as the simplicity of a bootable backup to consider my backup. Time Machine supplies the nice single-file restoration for my user account while SuperDuper! makes and maintains the backup that I’d use if my macs hard disk really crashes. I’d really like all of you to consider doing the same so you aren’t relying on Time Machine for a hard disk crash. Enjoy, Alex.