Turn-in CD Burned

/ 4 February 2008

This evening I decided that all was ready for me to go ahead and burn the CD that I’ll turn in to English class on Wednesday as the main thing I turn in for my Personal Project. This means that all I have left to really do is the deeper editing (final edits) to my Personal Statement and add images to my Keynote Presentation. This micro-milestone (CD burning/ turning in) is not anywhere near the end of this Personal Project because of the two presentation portions that still need a ton of editing and the continued development of the main artifact (the AlexPersonalProject application) from the Personal Project with bug fixes, enhancements, and new features. These updates will then reach the end user using Sparkle, which is built in and functional in this initial release. After burning the final disc I also made a disk image from the same burn folder that I’ll upload for public download after the physical CD is turned in. That link and the link to the public application-only release will be posted here on my blog this Friday. Enjoy, Alex.