Personal Statement Editing

/ 3 February 2008

I’ve just spent the last 1.5 hours reviewing edit suggestions that Eric had given me for my Personal Statement and implementing them. I don’t technically need the Personal Statement done by Thursday, but I want a stable and far-along draft of it on the CD anyway. In the process of reviewing the edits I noticed some mistakes that he highlighted (things like “fi les” instead of “files”) that weren’t in the RTF file on my MacBook. After showing him this phenomenon we switched the entire document over to a new font, and just the opposite occurred (the “i” and “l” were pressed together). We decided to move the document over to Pages for a test, and all was well. I don’t mind the move to Pages for this document as I welcome the extra functionality, but this did uncover a slight bug in TextEdits font management when printing (to physical paper or PDF) that’s good to know about. Enjoy, Alex.