Essential Applications For Mac Bloggers

/ 19 January 2008

Thanks goes to Mary for emailing me the link to a blog post that has a list of the essential software a blogger on the Mac OS X platform. Out of those 14, 4 of them I use and MarsEdit is in the body text of the Ecto entry. Those are:

MarsEdit: The tool I use for the actual blog authoring. I’ve gotten all too used to the workflow for posting blog posts using it.

Flickr Uploader: I use this tool for those very rare times when I need to upload photos from iPhoto to Flickr. I store the application hidden away in a hidden folder with an iPhoto-based applescript to activate it and set what photos should be uploaded.

TextEdit and Keynote are just 2 of those many Apple applications that you use all the time.

TaskPaper is part of the Macworld 2008 MacHeist bundle and since I’ve received a license for it I’ve started to use it for basic list creation. The main project I’m using it for now is to store the basic information for choosing a high school for next year (Crosswinds ends at 10th grade, :( ).

I just thought that this blog post was one to pass along to all of you. With it, also, the list of those that I use may be useful to you. Enjoy, Alex.