The Eve Of MacWorld 2008

/ 14 January 2008

Well, all of the waiting is almost over. Tomorrow afternoon is the time when all of us mac enthusiasts sit back and watch Steve Job’s recorded Keynote. As it is the day before I’ll place my ideas of what will be unveiled in the morning here. First off, ever since Apple got stocked up on tons and tons of Flash memory it was clear that either a change in the iPods and/or a Flash-based MacBook would be released. Since then the rumors spread like wildfire across the internet, and on this day they all have piled up in two ways (you pick your side). The evidence can easily point to us all being wrong, and it all being a lie. But, what I believe (partly based on the image on is that a Flash-based MacBook will be out in the public by the end of tomorrow. There hasn’t yet been the release of the 10.5.2 update to support Flash-based macs the way there was with 10.4.10 just before the Aluminum iMacs were released, but that isn’t a count against the product’s release. Another way to know that a “MacBook Air” may be released in the morning is that Apple got the new server hardware out the door before MacWorld. Enjoy, Alex.