MacHeist Bundle For MacWorld 2008

/ 12 January 2008

This week MacHeist begun their annual bundle packages to accompany MacWorld. This year the assortment is of the following shareware applications:

1password: Password storing application (uses an InputManager) CoverSutra: iTunes accompaniment application Cha-Ching: Money manager application iStopMotion: Application to make stop-motion films (from iSights or video cameras) Awaken: Turns your mac into an alarm clock (Apple Remote supported for deactivation) Speed Download: All-in-one download, upload, FTP, etc. manager (uses InputManagers) AppZapper: Easy-to-use tool for removing apps and their support files TaskPaper: Task notepad. CSSEdit: CSS editor with visual preferences to make editing easy for all Snapz Pro X: Take video of what’s happening on your screen (not unlocked yet) Pixelmator: (may not come through) Like GraphicConverter

The bundle is just $49.00 and the selection of application is quite good. We’ve already gotten the bundle and I’ve looked at most of the applications. There’s 11 more days that the bundle is on sale, so it’ll overlap with MacWorld on Tuesday. Enjoy, Alex.