All NewsGator Services Go Free/ NetNewsWire 3.1 Released

/ 9 January 2008

Earlier today NewsGator announced that ALL of their products will be released for free from now on. This includes their online accounts for reading and syncing RSS feeds, and the client applications (NetNewsWire for mac and FeedDemon for Windows) that they develop to give you a simpler (and better than PubSub in 10.5) way to read the RSS feeds that you keep track of. NetNewsWire also got many bug fixes and performance improvements with the associated v3.1 update to it. These include a massive change in the toolbar icons, as well as new folder icons that match those used in 10.5. According to the website many other behind-the-scenes fixes were made. Also, the Sparkle updater in v3.0 does not pick up the update, see the above NetNewsWire link for the download. But, the pure fact that it is all free now means that the license codes we all had are no longer needed and using their online syncing is now fully useable without paying a cent (I’ve already set up the syncing for myself). Enjoy, Alex.