Anniversary Of Blogging

/ 17 December 2007

Some would say that today is the 10th anniversary of blogging. That is because 10 years ago today the term “weblog” was created. The same year the term was born my brother, Nathaniel, was (that follows with the same year I was born the first web browser was released). It took me a while before I knew what the word meant, and still some of my friends don’t know what weblogs are. This weblog was born in March 2003 after my mom started blogging, but due to a few tricks with the first entries looks like it has been online since 2002. So, the whole idea of RSS, and the term/ idea behind weblogs is now 10 years old. So, Happy Birthday Weblog!! and I hope that at least another decade of blogging is in the path for all of us. Enjoy, Alex.