Two Software Updates From Apple

/ 13 December 2007

Earlier today Apple released two software updates to the world. The first is a small GarageBand update. GarageBand is now at v4.1.1. The second update is a more serious and important one. That update is a QuickTime update. QuickTime is now at v7.3.1. The QuickTime update supposedly fixes some very clear security issues. The QuickTime update requires a restart, so your day of work will be put on hold while you take the update.

Also, I’ve started a new and very good habit with this round of software updates. That habit is this: Backup right before installing the updates. This a low-weight sidestep that is quite simple with Time Machine and is quite important in case anything goes wrong with the updates. I’ll only really ever do this if the update requires a restart, but I may do it with other updates as well. Enjoy, Alex.