Time Machine Issues — Mail Recovery

/ 3 December 2007

I’ve noticed in the past month or so of using Time Machine for my ever-so-important task of backing up that it’s recovery of email has some odd problems (oversights?). First off all, the organization method for the list of emails is different. In Mail (normal UI/ use) I always keep the email lists organized by date received with the newest emails at the bottom. When I pull a mailbox into the Time Machine browser it has an odd organization that isn’t any of the usual ones. I need to separately select the date received in order to actually find the email. This seems really obnoxious, it may leave some poor people thinking that they lost emails that they really didn’t, etc. Also, one of the times after returning from the Time Machine UI back to the regular UI all the menu extras were gone until I made another application (aside from Mail) frontmost. Enjoy, Alex.