More Improvements To My Personal Project Application

/ 21 November 2007

I spent about 2 hours today making a huge set of improvements to the application component of my personal project. I got the “SUUpdater” boolean key for Sparkle connected to the preferences properly. This is a huge improvement on the development of the application because preferences are one of the final few things that I need to finalize before the application can be ready for the release (the turn-in CD).

It turned out that some of the reason I hadn’t gotten it to work earlier had to do with some bugs connected to the upgrading of the project from Xcode 2.x (10.4) to Xcode 3.x (10.5). I also ran into an issue where breakpoints weren’t registering properly.

Because of how capable and far along the application is at this stage I’ve also made a backup of a releasable build to a network volume on our local network here. Again, by the end of the intersession break I hope to have all of the preferences window controls and user interface completed. Enjoy, Alex.