Translating Old Schoolwork Files

/ 20 November 2007

I just spent these past few hours taking the huge amount of time it takes to open every .cwk file of old schoolwork and save it as .pages. I did this to all the old schoolwork files that I have on my external har drive. The reason I did this was to make the files easily accesible with this day and age of the Mac OS. ClarisWorks and AppleWorks files aren’t very useable in 10.4 or 10.5 on the Intel platform, but Pages files are. So that’s why I translated the old files to file formats that are more useable today. It was quite interesting for me to see all that old schoolwork and read bits of it. I was glad that I had kept all of it around (but quite shocked at some of it). It was one large step off task from my personal project, but one that I think was quite useful and nice for me to do. It does prove that anyone who has old .cwk files they’d like to save should take the time to translate them into the iWork formats. Enjoy, Alex.