Hiking In The Garden Of The Gods

/ 11 November 2007

The second thing we did yesterday was take an hour long hike in the Garden of the Gods.

Before we started the hike we visited Jacqueline’s warehouse of Indian stuff that she imports. It was amazing just how much stuff there was, and how none of it Eric or I were even the slightest bit interested in.

The hike itself was an hour long and consisted of mountain-trails and some bits of climbing. We went on some loops and thus went to a few places more than once. Most of us were farther behind the lead, but Nathaniel and I were up alongside Natalie and Gabriella in the lead. It was during this hike that Mary called to check in with us and we told her how painfully long our trip here was. Towards the end of the hike Nathaniel, Josephine, Noelle, Eric, and I went and did some more direct climbing amongst the rocks. All throughout the hike the most important thing we continued to do was drink water.

After the hike we came home and started work on one of Dick’s gifts that all his kids are giving him as a birthday gift. Enjoy, Alex.