Dick’s Birthday Party

/ 11 November 2007

The party began at 7:00 pm and had over 100 guests (mainly thanks to Jacqueline). We all dressed in either black, white, or black-and-white clothes for the occasion. The bulk of the party we were constantly being introduced to people. We (all the family) managed to get some time to eat a good amount of food at around 8:00 pm. During this time Nathaniel, Josephine, and Christopher(?) went off to find were all the desserts were kept (before getting into the dining room) and came back having stolen a whole tray of the chocolate desserts. It wasn’t long after the rest of the young crowd learned of the tray. For part of the party Eric and I came back to our guest house to work on Dicks gift. We went back to the party at 10:00 or so, it ended by 12:10 am. Enjoy, Alex.