Recent Software Updates From Apple

/ 6 November 2007

Yesterday Apple released two key software updates to both 10.4.x and 10.5.0 users. One was for QuickTime (to v7.3) and one was for iTunes (to v7.5).

The QuickTime update mainly encompasses security updates to the QuickTime components and plugins, but also provides key support for iTunes 7.5. I think that Apple may have also updated/ changed the DRM codec on purchased music with this update.

iTunes got a few more changes. It now provides international iPhone support. They also made an interesting UI change to the preferences dialog. The tab that used to be called simply “iPhone” is now called “Syncing” and seems to have universal iPhone and iPod Touch sync and backup support. iTunes doesn’t, however, have the ability to go into the Time Machine browser like I had hoped this update might give it.

These two updates were also the first set of updates to 10.5 that included both a non-restart installer (iTunes) and a restart installer (QuickTime). So I learned how the Software Updater works in that kind of situation. What it does is simply logout before installing the updates even though one of them didn’t require a restart.

Also, just FYI, the 10.5.1 update is starting development. We may see it in our update list by the end of the year (given the time the 10.4.11 update has taken). Enjoy, Alex.