Local Network Computers

/ 27 October 2007

The Finder in 10.5 has a really useful interface for interfacing with other computers (not just macs) on the same local network.

It all starts with the “Shared” category of the Finder sidebar. In that category any computer that is active and sharing will be listed as an item in the sidebar. When you choose one of the computer your shown a Finder window with the icon for that computer (determined by what model it is) and the name of it. Then underneath that are two buttons. Those are: 1. Some iteration of “Connect…” or “Disconnect” buttons; 2. A “Share Screen” button. Then underneath that is a folder for each user/ disk on that computer.

If you pressed the “Share Screen” button then a dialog will pop up asking for your username and password on that machine. After you authenticate then the built-in screen sharing application opens and connects you to that machine. It will resize the window using resolution independence-like interfacing. Our iMac’s screen looked great and was clearly usable from my MacBook’s screen.

If you select one of the folders below these buttons then it acts just as the old AFP method did. It mounts the machine to your mac and lets you actively browse those files.