Email Assignment From Biology

/ 23 October 2007

In Biology today one of our assignments was to write an “email” to a friend explaining why it is a bad idea to let their pet loose (permanently) into their environment. The pet I chose was a Tiger for two reasons. First, it’s one of the most dangerous animals that could be let loose into an environment. The second reason has nothing to do with school or the assignment. That reason is that 10.4’s codename is “Tiger”, and, on Friday/ Saturday we’ll be letting that OS depart us permanently to make way for the new 10.5 “Leopard”. Anyway, the “email” is in the extended body of this blog post. Feel free to express your thoughts on it in the comments of this blog post. Enjoy, Alex.

Hi Patrick* It is a bad idea to release your tiger into the wild here in Minnesota. For one thing, almost all other animals that roam around the state are smaller and/ or against tigers. By releasing your pet tiger into the wild you may start an ecological succession because of the natural behaviour of tigers. Your tiger will take the habitat of all other local animals by killing them. This process has a name, and that name can be two choices (both of which occur): A. Secondary Succession: The term means the process where one species takes over the land of another. That is exactly what your pet tiger will do in the wild. B. Introduced Species: That term means when a human releases a species into an environment that is not used to having that species inhabit it. That is what you're thinking of doing by releasing that tiger into the wild. To put it another way, DONT release that tiger. I don't know where you even got the tiger, but if you want to get rid of it you should search the internet for a humane group that can tell you how to properly dispose of your tiger. This exact thing has been done in human history and it has devastated the local environment, in some cases to it's death. Some examples to put on your mind include the early ideas of zoos, and the initial conquering of the New World. Please consider this, Alex *An old friend of mine from my previous school.