1 Week Left

/ 20 October 2007

As of now my MacBook has just a single week remaining in running 10.4.10 before it sheds 10.4 in gaining 10.5 with the installation I’m going to perform next Saturday. Absolutely everything I do on my MacBook in this next week (school, fun, etc.) is all under the shadow of it being the final week of me using Tiger.

Part of what we need think about now is the truth of application compatibility. Generally all applications that run under Tiger will be able to run under Leopard, but there are some specific exceptions. The key one I know of is SuperDuper!, but I’m sure there are some others. I’ve proven that all Red Sweater software and Omni Group software can run under Leopard by digging around in forums on their sites. That covers all of what I use regularly in school and blogging, but there’s still many 3rd party apps I use (some of which require Rossetta) that I haven’t proven one way or the other yet. When I learn of the guaranteed compatibility status of other 3rd party software I’ll post it here. Enjoy, Alex.