Some Important Changes To Note

/ 19 October 2007

I have a few very important announcements to make about my blog. This information pertains to the actual software and setup that this blog is running with.

First of all, I’ve upgraded my blog’s WordPress engine from version 2.0.5 to the current version 2.3. Some of you may have noticed yesterday that for an hour my blog was offline, that was during the actual upgrade process. The upgrade provides me with some well-apreciated new features that you’ll never see. But it does mean that there may be some small bugs, so it’s important that if you experience problems to either write a comment outlining the problem or email me with the issue at “”.

Also, some new additions are in the sidebar (not related to the upgrade). The first is the ability to register with this site. Registering is not required to post comments, but can allow you to set a special gravatar separate from your global one to use only with my blog. The second addition to the sidebar is a dedicated section for off-site badges. This allows me to show support for certain groups or developers/ software I like. Over time the badges that are shown there will change, but currently I just have a MarsEdit badge in the sidebar. Enjoy, Alex.