Mac OS X 10.4 Disk Space Report

/ 16 October 2007

In the wake of knowing the hard disk space that 10.5 will use, I figured that I should dedicate a blog post to simply outlining what amount of that space we’re already using. Here is the base system space build-up:

/System: 2.29 GB /Applications: 2.3 GB = 4.59 GB

Then, we may have the developer tools:

/Developer: 1.8 GB

Plus, the system does add some stuff into the root library folder:

/Library: 12.14 GB

So, out of the 9 GB install amount for 10.5 we’re already using 4.59 GB leaving 4.41 GB to be lost. But, the root library may take some of that space as well as the hidden UNIX directories, so we can’t be sure.

Then, those of us that use the developer tools are currently using 1.8 GB doing so. The system requirements for 10.5 state that the developer tools will take 3 GB, meaning that we lose 2.2 GB in the installation.

In total those of us doing a full installation should lose 6.61 GB during the process. Of course, all of this is pure speculation and won’t be known for sure until we actually do the installation. Enjoy, Alex.