Gold Master!!

/ 15 October 2007

I just read an odd article over at ARS Tecnica. It says that:

The big cat officially went Gold Master over the weekend, meaning that it'll be a serious race to the finish line if Apple plans to make the rumored October 26 deadline.

So, 10.5.0 is officially finalized and in duplication! I don’t know the exact build numbers for either the Intel or PowerPC sides, but I may learn those ahead of installation. They also claim that sources have confirmed October 26th, 2007 as the day that the Leopard leaps. Apple stores worldwide will be closing to be reopened at 6:00 PM to start selling the OS. That would mimic what occurred for the release of 10.4.0 on April 29th, 2005.

What’s so odd and (quite frankly) unbelievable about these three separate reports is that they mention the Gold Master certification like it happened a day or two ago. But only just now have I found out. So, though it all makes sense, I won’t totally believe that 10.5 Leopard has been sent to duplication until it’s released later this month. Enjoy, Alex.