Answer To Biology Question

/ 13 October 2007

At the beginning of this week I posted a question that was a task for me in my 10th grade Biology class. This is that post I promised with the explanation and answer.

The correct answer is to choose the 1¢ that increases. The reason, the powers of two. I let a comment slip onto the entry that gave the answer away, but didn’t totally care. Anyway, if you simply multiplied the $1,000.00 then the final total would be $30,000.00. But if you let the 1¢ keep increasing then the final total would amount to $10,737,418.24. This is all due to the powers of two.

The reason that question was a task for me in a Biology class was because it was the start to talking about exponential growth. Those of us (including me) that know what exponential growth is should be able to quickly notice the connection. Enjoy, Alex.