Another Build; Golden Master?

/ 12 October 2007

ARS Technica has an interesting article they’ve posted. It mentions that another 10.5 build went into circulation today. This is officially the second Golden Master-capable build. Exactly two weeks from today is October 26th, the most likely release date for 10.5 Leopard. That means that Apple has already gone into the two-week mark for duplication purposes. Apple hasn’t yet labeled this build Golden Master, as they hope to do complete internal testing before unleashing the OS. But they do have just this weekend to really get a stable build ready in time for October 26th, so chances are good that this build may become the build we all install. Let’s keep our fingers crossed in these (hopefully) final days of the long 10.5 development process that it may be finalized soon (this weekend). Enjoy, Alex.