The Sharing Of Knowledge

/ 7 October 2007

One thing that is quite important for those that need help is that those that know the answers are willing to share their knowledge to those that need it. I do some of this here on my blog, but that doesn’t always hit the spotlight the way it did back in July with Dashcode. The more direct way is sharing it directly to those who need it on forums built for those topics. When it comes to the sharing of mac knowledge, Apple’s discussion forums are where you need to be. If you haven’t yet heard of these forums then let me explain here. The forum site is split into many different categories named like “Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger”, “MacBook” etc. Then those forums are split into even finer categories. If you go there to find an answer to a question you generally will find a thread that you can read to get your answer. If you don’t then, though you may not know it, you already have a login for the discussion site. Just login using your Apple ID, the one that you use on the iTunes Store. After logging in for the first time you’ll want to set up your personal profile and preferences. After that you’ll be able to reply to any thread and start your own threads. I’ve had my Apple ID set up as a login to the forums since I got my MacBook and have started some of my own threads, but (in my mind) more importantly answered other’s questions. For your reference my alias on the forums is “alex349” using Xcode’s icon as my avatar image (because you can’t upload your own). I’ve hinted all of you to this simply so that you know it’s a possibility that’s fully open to you for mac assistance and the sharing of your own mac knowledge to the worldwide community of mac users. Enjoy, Alex.