No Excuses For Not Blogging

/ 6 October 2007

As some of you may know I use an application called MarsEdit to write my blog posts locally on my mac and then post them to my blog the next time my MacBook has an internet connection. Unlike most all other 3rd Party applications I own on my MacBook where I buy the app and then forget the name of the company/ person who makes it, with MarsEdit I’ve stayed quite actively connected to the developer of MarsEdit (Red Sweater Software) through both his blog and development assistance. That’s right, I’ve actually helped MarsEdit by sending the developer any applescript enhancements I make to the scripts that come with MarsEdit (most actively the “Show Text Statistics” one).

Anyway, back on track, he recently posted a blog post that I want to mention here. He wrote about there being no excuses for not blogging. What he points out is how widespread the idea of blogging is across many different professions and ages. He gives a few common examples of excuses he’s heard for why not to blog and reflects on them. I completely agree with what he says, and that’s why I’m posting this here to my blog. However, I do want to add that though iWeb blogs are the easiest for mac users to run, they’re not nearly as powerful or compatible as more common blog engines are like WordPress (which is what I use) or Blogger. The only downside to most other blog engines (not Blogger though) is that you need your own server space. That can become a bit pricey. Enjoy, Alex.