Oddities With My MacBook

/ 5 October 2007

Today in Geometry I experienced two odd happenings with my MacBook. The first was an issue with the menu extras in my menubar. When I clicked on one it first turned grey as if I could move it or get rid of it. I fixed this by logging out and back in. Then, half of the period later I had an odd issue with active applications. I couldn’t hide any of them. All I could do was show all. After a minute of silently freaking out I clicked on the Finder icon on my dock and noticed that Finder had mysteriously crashed without relaunching. That fixed that issue.

Apparently on the sane day my mom had a reoccurring problem on her MacBook Pro, it was with the trackpad-to-mouse integration. The mouse was behaving badly. She restarted and the issue was still there.

I’m blogging about these so that if you too have had these problems you can comment and in doing so mark that you’ve had these problems. Enjoy, Alex.