Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard “Seed Update”

/ 2 October 2007

Now that it’s October the anxiety for Leopard has all that much more increased. This small bit of news further advances the clear development of Leopard and it’s around-the-corner release date.

According to ARS Technica Apple today has released an update to the most recent seed of OS X Leopard. This update came through the Software Update server, therefore it’s build numbers have not changed. This update was only 1.5 MB in size and simply is more testing of Leopard’s Software Update system and issued small bug fixes for wireless networking and RAW image viewing. But, they also report that Apple is working with HP to provide driver updates bundled with the Software Update feature. That would certainly put a new meaning to “it just works” for those of us using those printers and other devices. That also means that Apple is addressing the “HP Printers” bug that’s one of just two remaining known bugs in the OS (the installer is the second bug).

Considering the frequency of these seed updates from Apple and the minor fixes that are being issued, I think it’s safe to say that 10.5 Leopard is truly right around the corner. However, instead of being released on 10-5-07, it may be a “Halloween OS”. In other words, released at the last possible hour in October 2007. Enjoy, Alex.